Floatation Therapy

Discover the Benefits of Floatation Therapy

About Floating

Floatation therapy is a therapeutic wellness experience, truly unparalleled for relaxation, pain relief, improved sleep and so much more.

The world has been enjoying the benefits of floating for over 60 years, founded back in 1954 by a neuroscientist named John C. Lilly. He found that the distraction-free environment of an isolation tank led to incredibly enhanced states of mental relaxation and improved health.

Why Float?

Our Float Pods eliminate all distractions, this includes sight, sound, touch, and gravity.

You’ll float effortlessly in an 8 1/2 ft X 5 1/2 ft pod filled with 10” of Epsom Saltwater solution heated to skin temperature.

This unique and relaxing experience is for both mind and body and cannot be experienced anywhere else on Earth.

As the only float centre in East Anglia, we aim to make floatation therapy accessible to as many people as possible.

Transform your life in the Float Pod with our world-class sensory experience in a relaxing atmosphere.

Are you. . .

Overworked and over-connected?

An athlete seeking a competitive advantage?

Seeking relief from Pain?

Suffering from insomnia and in need of a good nights rest?

Seeking inner peace through deeper meditation.

Searching to recapture your imagination and inspiration.

what is included

We want your float experience to be as relaxing as possible:

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What They Say

We are always receiving amazing feedback from our wonderful clients who just love their Float experiences!