“Life Always Feels Better After A Float”




Flotation therapy is a therapeutic wellness experience, truly unparalleled for relaxation, pain relief, improved sleep and so much more. The world has been enjoying the benefits of floating for over 60 years, founded back in 1954 by a neuroscientist named John C. Lilly. He found that the distraction-free environment of an isolation tank led to incredibly enhanced states of mental relaxation and improved health.

“From Start to finish the place is beautiful.

Upon entrance you are given a warm welcome by the lovely staff in a beautiful atmosphere. Shoes off, to enjoy the first step of comfort on the lovely fluffy carpets. Once you have filled out your Health Questionnaire on the iPad you are guided into a room where there is an AMAZING massage chair. 5 minutes of pure massage to get your body ready to completely relax. Lets just say is is BRILLIANT on the calves.

You are then guided into your own private room, where you are talked through the Pod, how it works and what to do.

I took full advantage to go in there in the nude and as I melted my way into the water, JUST WOW!! Floating in Heaven, Weightless. I took the decision to bring the pod down so it was closed and turn the lights off. I drifted into a place of ULTIMATE relaxation. Falling asleep for around 45 minutes. I did wake a few times as it was just a bit new to me!

Once finished, you have your own shower, where they provide Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower gel, Towels. Popping the clothes back on you then make your way into the dressing room where you have full use of GHD hairdryers, straighteners and products, just fab.

Coming back into reception you are welcomed with a drink and Sorbet…..That’s me won all over! 🙂

From start to finish I got exactly what I hoped for. A moment out of this crazy world and a chance to feel completely FREE!”

Leanne Heavens-HuntHealth Coach