Floating is a wonderful, replenishing and relaxing experience however due to the large amounts of magnesium and sulphate in the Epsom salts it is not suitable for everyone. If you are suffering from any health conditions, have recently had surgery, or you are taking any medication or receiving treatment, you must consult with your doctor or health-care provider before using the floatation tanks and massage chairs. Floating is not advised for women under 12 weeks pregnant. In particular, we recommend you seek advice regarding the safety of using the floatation tanks before you do so, if you suffer from, or have recently suffered from, any of the following: epilepsy, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, severe arthritis, fibromyalgia and kidney disease.

1. Please choose the Floating Experience that you’d like by clicking on it:

* A Single Float Experience – use this option for Gift Vouchers, Float Club and Single Floats
* Bump to Baby – if you are pregnant and over 12 weeks pregnant and have a Bump to Baby Gift Voucher.

2. Add to your Appointment any extras that you might like. For instance some extra time in the massage chairs, a tub of Epsom salts or some lovely Fig and Vanilla Products, which you can take away with you after your Float.

3. Then choose either:

* Any Available Pod, or Pod 1 or Pod 2. Please be aware we can’t always guarantee the use of the Pod that you ask for.

4. Click on the time you would like then click Continue.

5. Please then fill in all your contact information and let us know if you’d like to receive our newsletter.

6. If you have a Gift Voucher code or a Float Club code then:

* click the ‘Redeem Coupon, Package or Gift Certificate’ button,
* add your code or email address in the box and click ‘Apply’. It will automatically adjust the price for you. If your code isn’t accepted then please contact reception on 01603 733 277.

7. Then click the ‘Pay Now’ button. Please fill in all your relevant payment info.

8. Click ‘Pay and Confirm’ and you’ll get a confirmation email through with lots of relevant information about your Float Experience.

*** Float For Two Booking ***

Float for Two. If you would like to book a float for two people in the separate pods you can either:
* book Pod 1 and then do the booking process again for Pod 2 or
* call us to book it for you on 01603 733 277 or email us at

If you have any problems when booking a float, please call us on 01603 733 277 or email us:

If you have remaining float credits from our previous booking system/packages, please call Float to book.

There’s a few reasons why you won’t be able to Float with us…

Have dyed your hair in the last 2 weeks, as the colour may stain the pod;

Have any communicable or infectious disease or illness, skin disorder, large cuts, open sores or wounds;

Are up to and including 12 weeks pregnant;

Have an unhealed tattoo;

Are within eight weeks of giving birth (please ensure you have had your post-birth check with your midwife first);

Are within eight weeks of any surgery;

Are menstruating and not using appropriate sanitary protection.