So… Floating might be pretty new to you and like us at the start you may have some questions you would like to ask such as…

“Can I use the salt on my chips?” and “Will it make me live forever?”

Sorry they are both no, but please have a read below for all of the most common questions asked and feel free to ask us anything you like via our contact page!


What do I need to bring to my session?


Can I share my membership?


What if I’m claustrophobic?


How long is the experience?


Do I need to wear a swimming costume?


Is there a risk of drowning?


Can I float if I’m pregnant?


Do I need to plan anything before?


Do I need to wear goggles?


Will floating help stress relief?


What if I’ve dyed my hair?


Do you take walk-ins?


Can I float with a friend?


Can I fall asleep?


Can I float whilst menstruating?